You (your daughter/your son) will need to register with Basketball England, our Governing Body, and link your profile to our club. This is required for insurance purpose and cost £8.5 per season.

Players who have not completed the above steps after 2 sessions will not be able to practice.

Find out which team you (your daughter/your son) could be part of, where and when they train and if there is still a spot in the team.

Come to 1 or 2 training sessions to try out. If for any reason, you (your daughter/your son) are not keen, you will not be charged for these sessions. If after these sessions, you want to join the club, proceed to the next steps (to be completed before session 3).

Please get in touch with the relevant Team Manager in order to let them know you (your daughter/your son) will be coming to one of the sessions to try out.

Finally, you’ll need to pay the fees, which we need in order to operate. We are a none for profit organisation and none of our volunteers are paid. These fees go mostly towards Sports Hall hire and competition fees.

3. Try out

On top of registering with Basketball England, you’ll need to provide few information to us, Stroud Sharks. We only ask for the information we need and we do so in order to enable you (your daughter / your son) to play in a safe environment.  

2. Notify Team Manager